About Us

Welcome to our site! This website will be focusing on different aspects of globalization for many different countries in Asia. These countries include Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and South Korea. There will be numerous blog posts for each country made by students from the University of Missouri-Columbia. We hope you are able to learn more about globalization in Asia!

Here is a little bit about each of us, the contributors to this blog:

Katie Hughes

I’m a Junior in the Convergence Multimedia Producing program at the Missouri School of Journalism here at Mizzou. I hail from St. Charles, Missouri, and probably find myself back there at least once a month visiting my dog, Fred. I love reading, both fiction and the news (obviously, I’m a journalist), and watch Netflix a little too much sometimes.I really hope to start working at local outlets soon editing and producing multimedia (video) content, and also hope to get a puppy of my own soon, because I seriously miss my dog from home! International affairs are a huge interest of mine as I’m always trying to keep up on current events. If you don’t know what’s going on in the world while in the journalism school, it’s pretty hard to hold conversation with anyone!

Zain Khan

I am a Sophomore at Mizzou studying Finance & Banking within the Trulaske Business School. I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri, which is not too far from Mizzou. Although my major is in Finance, I am extremely interested in International Relations as well and enjoy reading news about the world. I will be contributing to the Pakistan Blog and I hope that you are able to learn more about the country.

Samantha Hoffmann

I am a senior at Mizzou, pursing a dual major in Strategic Communication (Journalism) and Classical Humanities, and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am extremely proud of the fact that when I claim to be from Chicago, I actually mean that my address states Chicago, Illinois and I have been lucky enough to have been born and raised in the city. I currently am an intern with the Missouri Mavericks hockey team, and am working towards getting a job in hockey after graduation. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about hockey than I do.

Kaleigh Feldkamp

I am a freshmen here at the University of Missouri. I am from South Bend, Indiana, which is about a seven hour drive from Columbia. I am majoring in journalism, and also hope to pursue a political science minor. As a journalism major, I love reading about the news and current events around the globe. I will be writing about Indonesia throughout the semester, and hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!